Selected Candidates for 10th Senior Executive Leadership Program

RIGSS is pleased to announce the names of 22 candidates selected for the 10th Senior Executive Leadership Program (SELP-10). Selected candidates will receive a “Letter of Offer” from the institute soon. In case a selected candidate is not able to participate, he/she is required to inform the institute immediately ( or call the institute Registrar at 17643020), and the slot will be offered to a standby candidate chosen as per merit.
The institute would like to thank all the applicants for showing interest in our programs, and look forward to your participation in the future too.

Selected Candidates: (in alphabetical order of their names)

Sl. No. Name CID No. Remarks
1 Anok Kumar Rai 11306000976 Public Servant
2 Dechen Dema 11107001819 Corporations/SOEs/CSOs/Private Sector
3 Dorji Gyeltshen P 10603000697 Public Servant
4 Gopal Pradhan 11810002936 Public Servant
5 Karma Rinzin 10103000506 Public Servant
6 Kinga Norbu 10503001476 Public Servant
7 Kinley 10402000105 Public Servant
8 Kuenzang Lhadon 11501001353 Public Servant
9 Kuenzang Lham Sangey 11410001534 Public Servant
10 Norbu Dendup 12008002290 Public Servant
11 Pema Letho 10706002453 Public Servant
12 Pema Wangdi 10702000982 Corporations/SOEs/CSOs/Private Sector
13 Pema Wangyel 11607001907 Public Servant
14 Rinchen Wangdi 10811001142 Corporations/SOEs/CSOs/Private Sector
15 Rinzin Gyeltshen 11410005921 Corporations/SOEs/CSOs/Private Sector
16 Rinzin Jamtsho 11102006512 Public Servant
17 Sonam Drukpa 11505001508 Public Servant
18 Sonam Tobgyel 11202002193 Public Servant
19 Tashi Delek 10810000775 Corporations/SOEs/CSOs/Private Sector
20 Tshewang Namgyal 11509004352 Public Servant
21 Tshewang Penjor 11606000655 Public Servant
22 Yeshi Dorji 12001002078 Public Servant
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Shortlisted Candidates for 10th Senior Executive Leadership Program

RIGSS is pleased to announce the names of the shortlisted candidates for the 10th Senior Executive Leadership Program (SELP-10) as given below.

Important Notice:
All shortlisted candidates will have to give an Online Psychometric Test as a part of the final selection process. You will receive an email from Dr. Adrian Chan shortly with all necessary instructions on the test and deadline. Any candidate who does not complete the test within the specified date will be disqualified from selection for the course. Shortlisted candidates will also receive an email from the institute with information/instructions on the Skype interview and other requirements.

Shortlisted candidates in alphabetical order of their names:

Sl.No Name CID No.
1 Anok Kumar Rai 11306000976
2 Chungla Dorji 12004001778
3 Dawa Tshering 10906002565
4 Dechen Dema 11107001819
5 Dechen Lhendup 10905001120
6 Dorji Gyeltshen P 10603000697
7 Gopal Pradhan 11810002936
8 Karma Lhatu 11508000640
9 Karma Rinzin 10103000506
10 Kencho Thinley 11508004453
11 Kesang Wangdi 11605001383
12 Kezang Deki 10906002291
13 Kinga Norbu 10503001476
14 Kinley 10402000105
15 Kinley Gyeltshen 11411000772
16 Kuenzang Lhadon 11501001353
17 Kuenzang Lham Sangey 11410001534
18 Namgay 10401000385
19 Namgyal Tshering 11505005026
20 Needrup Zangpo 10716003097
21 Norbu Dendup 12008002290
22 Pema Letho 10706002453
23 Pema Wangdi 10702000982
24 Pema Wangyel 11607001907
25 Phub Dorji 10802000041
26 Rinchen Wangdi 10811001142
27 Rinzin Gyeltshen 11410005921
28 Rinzin Jamtsho 11102006512
29 Singye Tshering 10802000284
30 Sonam Drukpa 11505001508
31 Sonam Tobgyel 11202002193
32 Tashi Delek 10810000775
33 Tej Nath Nepal 11206002650
34 Thinley Wangchuk 11606000180
35 Tshering Norbu 11505001937
36 Tshewang Namgyal 11509004352
37 Tshewang Penjor 11606000655
38 Ugyen Tshewang 10702001725
39 Ugyen Tshewang 10905004893
40 Yeshi Dorji 12001002078
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The Fourth RIGSS Dialogue

The Royal Institute for Governance and Strategic Studies in Phuentsholing, in partnership with UNDP-Bhutan, is organizing the 4th RIGSS Dialogue which will be held at the RUB Convention Hall in Thimphu on 13th March 2019 starting 6.00 PM.

The Dialogue will feature the UNDP Administrator and UN Under Secretary General, Mr. Achim Stenier, in conversation with Dasho Kinley Dorji, former Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Communications. The theme of the Dialogue is “Rethinking Development: Advancing Human Wellbeing and Protecting the Planet”.

Mr. Steiner is a global leader on sustainable development, climate resilience and international cooperation. He has worked tirelessly to champion sustainability, economic growth and equality for the vulnerable, and has been a vocal advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals.

All interested to attend the dialogue are requested to register.

Click Here to Register
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