Vision & Mission


A premier institute to promote excellence in governance, leadership and strategic studies.


  • Provide high-quality leadership training and education that are values-based, Bhutan-centric and globally relevant
  • Promote critical analysis of public policies and applied research works that influence real-life policy decisions
  • Serve as a think-tank for governmental, non-governmental, private and corporate organizations
  • Provide a platform for leaders from different sectors to interact and brainstorm on critical national issues.
  • Network with leading national and international institutions and agencies to collaborate on research studies and training programs, and to allow for sharing of resources for mutual benefit


To achieve its vision and mission, RIGSS will adopt the following strategies:

  • Recruit and engage top-notch faculty members at all times in order to ensure high quality education, training and research
  • Attract and select the best candidates, who are academically strong, and have the passion, commitment and potential to assume top leadership positions
  • Provide high quality education and training focussed on values, analysis and thinking
  • Engage in high-impact research activities that advance knowledge and its practical application
  • Ensure diversity of students, faculty and programs to promote diversity of views and ideas in the teaching-learning process
  • Develop a global profile and reach through institutional and professional linkages, and by consistently upgrading the quality of its programs
  • Adopt and apply best practices in management, administration and service delivery in the operation of the institute