Bhutan Foreign Service Program (BFSP)

Course launched: 16th August 2017

The Bhutan Foreign Service Program (BFSP) is a three-week integrated leadership program, tailored to suit the professional and organizational needs of Bhutan’s foreign service.

The BFSP offers a combination of knowledge, awareness and skills core to the functions of a Foreign Service Officer (FSO) and an understanding of organizational change management and policy issues.

The course aims to deepen the knowledge and understanding of FSOs on pertinent national and international issues, and provide insight into the foreign policy goals and initiatives of countries in the region. It is also aimed to enhance key leadership and international skills of FSOs and promote better understanding of personal and team dynamics.

Course content

  • Fundamentals of the Bhutanese Constitution
  • Gross National Happiness: National & International Significance
  • Leadership & National Service: Lessons from Bhutan’s Monarchy
  • Professionalism, Ethics & Integrity in Public Service
  • Small State Diplomacy in a Regional Context
  • Nation Branding and Image Management
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Communications & Media
  • Effective Negotiations
  • Trends & Developments in Diplomacy in the 21st Century
  • Global Governance & International Relations
  • Introduction to International Law & Practice
  • Fundamentals of Public Diplomacy
  • Understanding the Foreign Policy of different countries
  • Bhutan’s Foreign Policy: Objectives, Issues & Way Forward