Director's Message


As we welcome the New Year with renewed hope and vigor, and look forward to greater accomplishments ahead, we reflect on the past year with a deep sense of gratefulness and satisfaction. With the perpetual blessings of our founder, His Majesty The King, invaluable guidance of the Governing Board, unwavering commitment of our faculty members and the cooperation and support of our course participants and alumni, 2019 has been a fulfilling year at RIGSS. I and my team are truly grateful.

RIGSS has been constantly evolving since it was founded in 2013 by His Majesty The King as a leadership institute and a think tank. We started off with our flagship leadership course, the four-week Senior Executive Leadership Program (SELP), and over the years we have launched eight other leadership courses. From foundational level to senior executives, RIGSS covers the entire spectrum of professionals from various sectors in our leadership development initiatives.

Our courses are designed to cater to the learning and developmental needs of professionals across various sectors. In designing our curriculum, we draw inspiration from His Majesty’s aspiration of developing holistic leaders who not only can contribute to solving current problems but also anticipate future challenges and opportunities. We live in a VUCA world where the ideas and tools for leadership and problem-solving are fast changing, and we live in a country whose realities and challenges are indeed very unique; we need leaders who can measure up to these realizations.

Our alumni are our greatest hope and strength. The growing number of RIGSS alumni offers real and immense prospects to bring positive change and progress to our country, and possibly beyond. We now have over 1200 alumni spread across organizations and regions and the number is growing by the month. As His Majesty The King always emphasizes, we should leverage our smallness as a country to our advantage; a thousand is a big and impactful number for a country of our size.

RIGSS is now in its seventh year, and discussions are underway on the next stage of the institute - RIGSS 2.0. While our current short-term leadership courses would continue, there is now strong focus on strengthening research works at RIGSS and preparing ourselves for long-term courses.

For 2020, we have a number of programs lined up in our calendar- leadership courses, conferences, public lectures, dialogues and many other events. We are up for yet another great year of learning and development at RIGSS and we look forward to your participation as always.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.

Chewang Rinzin
(Dy. Chamberlain to His Majesty The King)