RIGSS Podcast | Episode 9

A Getaway with Denkar

-Tshering Denkar

Miss Tshering Denkar is a digital content producer, first female solo travel vlogger, blogger, and mediapreneaur in Bhutan. She is the founder and manager of ‘DENKARS GETAWAY’. She has a Master's of Arts in Tourism Management from Naresuan University, Thailand.

Few have dared to dream different and found their niche by taking the road less travelled or, in literal terms, ‘taking the path less traversed’.

She is a wanderlust – hitting adventurous high notes by taking us to places in Bhutan we would not have known otherwise. We mostly traversed with her to the most remote and sacred sites in the country, even if virtually—exploring & discovering nature’s wonderment, local hospitality, culture and heritage, age-old traditions and customs—all that makes us truly blessed to be born in Bhutan.

In this episode, we are pleased to offer a getaway with Miss Tshering Denkar, the woman behind 'Denkars Getaway'. She will walk us through her journey of embracing and venturing into untested waters to pursue her passion with hopes for herself and the country. This not only requires having an outlook that goes beyond normal societal expectations and general conformity of a career in life but also resilience to face every curveball with grace.