RIGSS Podcast | Episode 19

Impact Entrepreneurship

-Sir Ronald Cohen

Sir Ronald Cohen is a pioneering philanthropist, venture capitalist, private equity investor, and social innovator, who is driving forward the Global Impact Revolution. He serves as president of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment and The Portland Trust. He is a co-founder of Social Finance UK, USA, and Israel; and co-founder Chair of Bridges Fund Management and former co-founding Chair of Big Society Capital. He graduated from Oxford University and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. Sir Ronald was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2001 for his leadership in developing venture capital industry in the United Kingdom.


Impact’ is such a powerful word. There is a deep-seated desire within each one of us to do something impactful in life. Sir Ronald Cohen, in his book, “Impact: Reshaping Capitalism to Drive Real Change” talks about the importance of shifting to a new system of doing business that is more impactful whereby individuals and organizations are encouraged to find fulfilment in being part of something bigger than themselves, and not just to amass wealth. He calls that new system, ‘impact capitalism’. This system aligns the investors and entrepreneurs with the objectives of the government in harmoniously working towards harnessing capital and innovation to solve social and environmental issues. His book provides a huge inspiration to the rising generation of impact entrepreneurs. In his words, “Impact is the hallmark of the new generation.” He is also the author of "The Second Bounce of the Ball - Turning Risk into Opportunity," a book about entrepreneurship.