RIGSS Podcast | Episode 18

How to be Business Savvy?

-Tandin Dorji

About Tandin Dorji and EducationPro

Mr. Tandin Dorji, is the Founder of EducationPro Group Pty Ltd (trading as MISTER VISA), and Managing Director and co-owner of Kingston International College. He is a dynamic figure in the international education space. With an impressive educational background, including a Post Grad in LINUX for Network Applications and degrees in Business, Accounting, and Computer Science, he is also an Associate CPA and Certified Education Counsellor.

Under Mr. Dorji's leadership, EducationPro Group has flourished, establishing various subsidiaries that provide comprehensive services related to education, training, consultancy, and more. The company has become a household name for students in Bhutan seeking study options in countries like Australia, the UK, and Canada, boasting an impressive visa success rate.

Mr. Dorji's initiatives extend beyond business success. He has made significant contributions to the Bhutanese community. EducationPro believes in giving back to the community. EducationPro have initiated various corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, including providing accommodation services to students in crisis, supporting needy school children across Bhutan with essentials, and contributing to community events in and abroad. Additionally, they have offered scholarships, organised donation drives, taken initiatives to organise multiple chartered flights from Bhutan to Australia and provided quarantine facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Dorji has led delegation teams and hosted dignitaries to engage in dialogues between institutions and governments since 2017, further strengthening international educational ties.

Apart from his role at EducationPro, Mr. Dorji has revamped the Kingston college's infrastructure, partnered with prominent organisations, and facilitated collaborations with universities for joint programs.

His dedication also shines in the education sector, where he has created opportunities for Bhutanese students through scholarships and partnerships with universities.

With a wide range of technical skills and expertise in marketing, communications, and team leadership, Mr. Dorji is a multifaceted professional who has left an indelible mark on the education and community sectors. His remarkable journey includes prestigious awards, and recognition from educational bodies, and a dedication to fostering a brighter future for international students and the world.

Mr. DORJI and EducationPro has been awarded the following Global Educational Awards:

1. Edith Cowan University Agent of the Year 2023 (Australia) - South Asia

2. York St John University (London UK) - YSJ Global Visionary Award 2023

3. Murdoch University (Australia) - Alumni Chapter: Honorary Lead in Bhutan 2023

For a country with a small population, herd mentality in businesses and many other areas could prove detrimental and lead to market bubbles. A case in point – it has been found that the burgeoning number of restaurants across the country is beyond what our current population can support for its sustainable growth. Following the herd can sometimes limit the exploration of untapped markets and hinder innovation and creative problem-solving. It has, therefore, become even more critical to break past the conventional boundaries of doing business and adopt innovative business models by capitalising on emerging trends for a successful venture.

Mr Tandin Dorji, the CEO of EducationPro, started from scratch and has built a name and brand for himself. In a successful entrepreneurial venture, he has managed to identify new growth opportunities to meet customer needs and think strategically beyond the box despite not being the first in the business. He is an alumnus of Murdoch University in Perth in Western Australia and Sherubtse College in Bhutan. He is also the head of Kingston International College in Perth and also one of the founders of the Bhutanese Language School there.