RIGSS Podcast | Episode 17

The State of Media in Bhutan

-Tenzing Lamsang

Tenzing Lamsang is the founder and editor of The Bhutanese Newspaper. He is a seasoned journalist in the country and brings a wealth of critical perspectives and a deeper understanding of the daily issues affecting us as a nation. He is best known for his daring investigative journalism and has won numerous awards for his impactful reportage. He recently swept three awards at the Annual Journalism Award organized by the Journalists' Association of Bhutan in categories like the Jigme Singye Wangchuck prestigious award, crime story and the investigative story of the year.

He also worked with The Indian Express, Kuensel, and Business Bhutan prior to launching The Bhutanese in 2012.


Media is often referred to as the fourth estate of democracy, given its role as a watchdog on the political processes and institutions in ensuring a check and balance. Media in Bhutan continues to play a crucial role in fostering an informed citizenry in the country's democratic processes and promoting civic engagements despite being relatively young and new, especially the private media outlets.

Like anywhere else, the state of media in Bhutan is rife with challenges. The struggle to stay afloat and, reportedly, access to information remain major hurdles towards fostering a vibrant press in the country.

In this interview, Mr. Lamsang discusses the state of media in Bhutan and his unflinching courage and determination to keep informing the masses.