RIGSS Podcast | Episode 16

Women in Tech

-Sarah A. James

With over 20 years of delivery excellence and experience in data and its use within technology and engineering, we have Sarah James to discuss more on Women in Tech!
Sarah has worked around the world and won several awards for her innovations. 
She also received the AI, Robotics, Data & Analytics Shining Star WITWA award and was a TEDx speaker in 2022. Currently, as the owner, she looks after Jacaranda Hill Farm, which is a regenerative, sustainability-driven, off-grid camping site in Western Australia. Sarah is the author of the book, “Are You Ready to Change the World: Thoughts on Technology Leadership".

Technology has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives; it is ubiquitous. Today, our existence revolves around technology and innovation, and it’s a reality that it will only be a more significant part of our lives hereon. 
While women continue to make strides, another challenge, yet again, for them to contend with is the tech industry, where they are significantly underrepresented and therefore, the gender gap remains stark. 
The tech industry, like any other, has been a reasonably male-dominated field ever since, and there is now a greater call for gender diversity and inclusion in our education system and workplace. 
The world’s first computer programmer was a woman called Aeda Lovelace from the 19th Century. If she were to be born again in this century, she would be happy to see many women take up leadership roles but not entirely satisfied or even disappointed to notice the stark gender gap in tech, which has been fuelled by age-old biases that have evolved so little.