RIGSS Podcast | Episode 15

Lifelong Learning

-Vincent Yip

Professor Yip is a modern-day renaissance man, having studied and worked in a wide range of disciplines from science and technology, consulting, government and diplomacy, and cross-cultural relations to teaching and mentoring college faculty and students. He is currently enrolled in Stanford’s Masters of Liberal Arts program at the age of 74, and once he completes that, it will be his sixth college degree from major American universities.

If Isaac Newton were not curious enough to question why the apple fell straight down rather than up or sideways, it would have taken us quite some time to understand the gravitational theory. Today, the works of the visionary creative innovator, Steve Jobs reign supreme in our everyday lives, both personally and professionally - leaving behind a creative legacy. And, one of the most curious and creative minds, Leonardo Di Vinci said, “Learning never exhausts the mind.”
‘Curiosity and creativity’ are two closely intertwined assets that can drive and inspire ‘lifelong learning’. The powerful duo can not only motivate and add a positive outlook to one’s professional life but can also bring about fulfilment and a sense of purpose in the personal sphere. In a world that is constantly clamouring for innovative solutions to our existing problems and new ideas to take us forward, curiosity, creativity, and lifelong learning are attributes we could seek and embrace.
So what sparks curiosity, creativity and lifelong learning in a person?
We introduce to you a student of life, Professor Vincent Yip, to sate our curiosity on this.

Delving into his international travels and deep experience, he will speak on the topic of ‘Lifelong Learning’ fuelled by curiosity and creativity.