RIGSS Podcast | Episode 14

A Quantum Leap?

-Mr. Jacques Von Benecke

Mr Jacques Von Benecke is the Chief Technology Officer at Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) and also the Chairman of the board of Thimphu Tech Park Limited (TTPL). He has over 34 years of experience in executive and leadership positions. His expertise is in digital transformation, strategy, innovation, culture and operational change design and implementation, developing and coaching start-up companies, enterprises, and solution architecture.

Employment Summary

2021 – Present

Chief Technology Officer – DHI, Bhutan

2020 - 2021

Technical Lead ASEAN – Amazon Web Service, Singapore

2019 – 2020

Chief Technology Officer, OSN, UAE

2018 – 2019

Chief Digital Officer - OSN, UAE

2017 – 2018

Director Enterprise Architecture & Innovation, UAE

2014 - 2017

Enterprise Architect, JourneyOne, Australia

2008 - 2014

Chief Enterprise Architect, BT Australasia

2004 – 2008

Chief Architect, BT UK

1998 - 2004

Principal Consultant, Compuware Corp. UK

1997 - 1998

Managing Director, Mobius Mauritius

1990 - 1997

Technical Director, Mobius South Africa

1988 – 1989

LT SA Army – 61 Meganised Fighting Battalion, SWA

The world has been witnessing unprecedented digital acceleration in different fields. Even in Bhutan, we have always aspired to jump on the bandwagon faster, and the covid-19 pandemic leapt digital adoption forward by several years than we would have imagined possible. And with it taking some form and root in the country, this has indeed laid the foundation for its digital transformation journey.

As the country capitalises on this momentum to embrace and explore the best of both innovation and technology, we have with us Mr Jacques to discuss some of the exciting projects being undertaken in the country in the fields of Blockchain (NFT, stablecoins, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)), National Digital Identity, Agriculture, Drones, Internet of Things among many others. This is in recognising its strategic advantages in realising our national goals and aspirations. As we unravel the limitless potential of leveraging technology as a small nation to our advantage, we will also discuss ways to manoeuvre through the foreseeable challenges of becoming a technology-based economy.