Case Study

The New Economic Development Officer (A)

By Chimi Yuden and Robert Klitgaard

Case Abstract

Publishing Date: May 2022

A new civil servant arrives in a remote Dzongkhag in the newly created position of Economic Development Officer. Chimi Yuden is greeted warmly, but she finds there is no office or equipment for her. She perceives resistance from Dzongkhag officials whose roles her new position seems to upset. And she has to figure out how things are done in her new setting. “I soon realized there were so many things I didn’t know,” she recalled. “I didn’t know how the Dzongkhag worked, or about their relationships with the Gewogs. I had read about them in schoolbooks, but I really didn’t know anything.”

In her first months on the job, 23-year-old Chimi must figure out how to get started and get settled. Her stresses and opportunities mirror those of many new civil servants, who will benefit from playing Chimi’s role in this fascinating success story.


Key Words: human resource management, local government, entrepreneurial management, economic development, rural development, public-private partnerships, tourism, culture shock, women in government

Pages: 7

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